5 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend in 2018!

Funny, sarcastic, obscene, rebellious, tribal, and puerile. Type “buy t-shirts online” and you will come across thousands of online ecommerce stores selling t-shirts based on different themes. If you own a t-shirt estore, you might have an experience of selling t-shirts and the knowledge about the kind of t-shirts that sell. But, what makes you different? And why should people buy from you?

You must have come across several Hollywood celebrities wearing t-shirts that are personalized and message giving. If you are a t-shirt e-store owner, this must ring a bell. For helping your customers design a t-shirt of their choice, you must integrate a t-shirt design software with your store. But before you configure a tool like that one, we bring to you:

Why t-shirt printing business will trend in the year 2018

1. Influence of Social Media

2. Fad for TV Series

3. Promoting a Safe Planet

4. For Making Style Statements

5. Advertising & Marketing

So, the companies, who want to enhance their brand …

How Can Your Customers Create Wedding Cards with Custom Product Designer?

Amidst the ordinary life that we live, there is one day that feels like a fairytale. And that is the wedding day! The couple that is about to get married and their family members do all that it takes to make the wedding perfect. One of the biggest aspects of planning a wedding is to create a wedding card. Since modern weddings are about personalization, the couples often prefer to design their card based on their choice or wedding theme. If you sell wedding cards online, do not expect people to buy from you unless you enable them to create a wedding card on their own. Having a custom product designer integrated to your website makes all the difference! Using it, your customer can design a wedding card from the scratch and place an order with you. Let us understand how your customers can create wedding cards using your product customization software:
Select a Wedding Theme: As the first creative step; the bride/bridegroom always decide upon the theme for the wedding. This is because…

Why Do Print Service Providers Need Web to Print Solutions?

How to expand a business that is booming already? While managing your large Printing Warehouse, you might wonder your hands are already full to think of any more business. But, really, has your business really hit the saturation point? Can you not grow yourself anymore?

Ignore these questions as - well, there aren’t any business owners we know who would say “No More!” But what is the best approach? Another shop? Franchise it? Selling online? Become a partner with a booming online business? There are drawbacks to staying “Just Offline” and it is about time, you improvise on your position in the industry.
The Drawbacks of “Just Offline” Print Shops Very soon, they could become the Dinosaurs of the Food Chain. The biggest reason for Amazon to be successful is to have their own logistics. In a similar way, the biggest Online Print Solutions may or may not rely on the offline solutions. However, in time, as they grow to a point - they would choose to Print themselves.

Therefore, you may b…

Explore "All-New Ideas" with Brush Your Ideas

We are happy to announce that Brush Your Ideas is now an ‘All-Inclusive Web-to-Print Software Solutions Store.’ Everything you require for W2P industry, is now available through us. During its inception days, Brush Your Ideas primarily focused on Magento compatible Product Customization Tool. But not anymore! We have just extended our boundaries - far and wide!

Web-to-Print ERP:

We are glad to announce a full-scale ERP suite powered by Odoo. Our ERP solution is custom-made for the web-to-print industry. It is capable of managing everything right from the basic ERP functionalities for Supply Chain Management to the most complex Print industry demands. Some of the highlights of our Web-to-Print ERP are:
Inventory ManagementOrder ManagementPrint Files ManagementPrint Order ManagementShipping & FulfillmentWeb-to-Print StoreFront:

To help business owners cope with the increasing business demands, we have come up with a web-to-print storefront. A readily built W2P storefront will hav…

How Can Poster Design Software Help Your Customers Design Innovative Posters?

Posters, whether bold or creative, have a huge impact on masses. Some are colorful, some are jazzy and some display out and out information. And yes, if provocative, they are capable enough to cause accidents! In today’s times, when people do not have the time to go through the prolonged procedure of getting posters made, they look for something that can lessen their efforts.

As an ecommerce store owner, if you are offering poster designing services, it is time that you consider integrating a poster design software to your ecommerce store. Using the software, your customers can create their own signs and posters and order it for themselves from your store. But before you understand the importance of integrating a tool like this one; let us understand the ways in which it can help your customers to design innovative posters. So, here we go:

Platform Compatibility

You already might have an ecommerce store. And you might have built it on any platform. If you start looking for a banner desi…

4 Aspects to Consider Before Investing into Custom Product Designer

I like my coffee black. I want my pizza to have more olives. I want my bag to have a golden accessory. The above statements remind us of one word. And that is – Personalization. We live in an era wherein we have bid goodbyes to the mundane and ordinary. To offer the customers with unique products, business owners have embraced ecommerce product personalization.

Most of the e-store owners have integrated a custom product designer to enable their customers design their products and order them online. Unfortunately, not all these tools work great. Some give up on the technology and some are not compatible with the printing method. Hence, you need an all-inclusive product designer software that is compatible with your business needs. Now, before you go about buying one of these tools for your business, you need to keep certain pointers in mind.

So, we bring you, 4 aspects that you must consider before investing into a product designer tool:
1. Take Your Time “Rome was not built in a day.”…

How to Choose a Web-to-Print Software Compatible with Your Web Platform?

The word “compatibility” is intricate. Be it humans or technology; it holds a profound importance. If not, there are apparently destructive consequences. However, today, we will talk just about technologies. These days, when most of the businesses strive online, it is important for the websites to work smoothly. Irrespective of the software installed and the tools integrated to enhance functionalities.

The question we need to ask here is, does the software work seamlessly with your platform? Is it compatible to your current workflow? Does the online product designer tool help you run your print-production cycle smoothly?

If the answers to any of the above questions is “no,” you need to rethink. And of course, read this blog. We have come up with a valuable guide to help you traverse through the web-to-print jungle. Let us get going:
Know Your ObjectivesAsk for Compatibility DiagramsJot Down the QueriesWillingness to CustomizeBrush Your Ideas is a platform independent and all-inclusiv…