Print Marketplace: The Evolution and Effects on Margin

The term marketplace is usually referred to a web-based module where a vendor can sign up and initiate offering their items. On one hand, visitors or buyers can obtain various competitive rates for a similar product. And on the other hand, the e-commerce firm operating the marketplace mostly secures commission charge from each sale.

Benefits of E-Commerce Marketplace

We are well acquainted with worldly renowned e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba as well as the domestic platforms similar to ASOS, Walmart, etc. This might be the digital way to offer standard goods with more discounts, and, at times publish customized launch offers on a specific portal.

To illustrate, smartphone manufacturer giant OnePlus launches its new mobile phones on Amazon; this way, consumers can only purchase it online and not from physical stores.

We have seen online shopping portals are becoming the optimum platform for bargain deals, new product launches, heavy discount sales, seasonal product …

The Rise of Product Personalization E-commerce and The Rules for Success [Infographic]

“My way or the highway!” seems to be the mantra of online shoppers in today’s age.
Be it clothes, jewellery or shoes, they want to make a statement with everything they own. Millennials like to shop for items that reflect their personality and embrace their idiosyncrasies.
Gone are the days when customers had to choose from the available items on the online store. “Limited stock” “The item you have selected is out of stock” and “Sorry, we can’t seem to find what you are looking for!” are red flags and result into cart abandonments.
There is a dire need of bringing product personalization in every aspect of your ecommerce store. Several brands are enhancing the customer experience with e-commerce personalization and offering exactly what they are looking for. As a part of it, they are:
Offering unique buying experiencesOptimizing interactionsBuilding loyaltyIncreasing engagement By adapting latest technology advancements and adding product personalization tools, you can allow your cus…

T-shirt Design Tool: A Holy Grail for Online T-shirt Vendors!

In 1959, plastisol, a durable and stretchable ink was developed. It allowed more variety in design and brought a realization that being in T-shirt business could also be a money making venture. Since then, clothing industry all around the world started to make t-shirts with varied designs and creative concepts. Printing T-shirts involves managing several complex tasks: finding ongoing trends, designing, allocating it to printing labs etc. In addition to that, there are following hassles:
Unable to provide users a perfect interface to design their own productsManaging and creating customised clipart and fonts for each customerDependency on 3rd party software for converting canvas from PDF format to SVGA perfect designer tool that is compatible with all devices For end customers, it bestows a clean and stress-free user interface. Using, it even a non-technical user can operate and form desired looking t-shirt design within minutes. The following concepts fulfilled by T-Shirt designing …

Add More Guns to Your Armory With a T-Shirt Design Software

The young blood all over the world have always been fashion enthusiasts. Let it be a charming tag line from a movie or a naughty one liner or a heavy metal head would be wearing his favourite band's graphic t-shirt --they all want what they love on their t-shirts. The other segment is of the designers. This world is full of creative ideas but how many of these creations have actually been witnessed by the world? What these people need is a platform where they can create personalized printable designs.

The solution for all their troubles is a t-shirt design software. A t-shirt design tool is an extension which can be added to a web portal. This t-shirt design programs provide a customizable online portal, which typically is a canvas where the users can brush in their ideas and create designs.

This tool provides a solution to all those helpless entrepreneurs who wish to sell custom printed t-shirts, to all those online retailers who wish to add more guns to their armoury by adding …

Innovative Tips to Boost Sales for Your Ecommerce Store These Holidays!

In the year 2016, as per the numbers shared by US Department of Commerce sometime, this year stated, 2.2% YoY growth in the retail sector. However, they also confirmed 15.6% YoY growth for the ecommerce sector. With Halloween a week away and Black Friday in a month’s time, do you have better ideas than to focus on gaining through gift-sales?

Online selling is in itself a powerful force to attract consumers. But that is exactly the reason why everyone is into it and Amazon still remains the largest player in the ocean. To steep beyond the line of saturation, you must offer value.

The value beyond just the fancy price...The value above the retail store next to your buyer. And, the value that makes your site visitors love your catalogue!

Adding up below mentioned products in your e-catalogue may prove to be a profitable decision.

Personalized Learning Color Board for Kids

Kids always love when they find their name on any of the material be it books or t-shirts. Hence, on this Children’s…

From Horror to Hurrah: Innovative Things to Sell on Your e-Store This Halloween!

According to the annual survey released by the NRF; Americans will spend mindlessly on costumes, candies and pumpkins for a record $9.1 billion for Halloween this year.

Now, if you want your share of the candy, you need to get innovative. And just so that you know, boring ghost costumes, witches on brooms and good for nothing pumpkin lanterns are definitely a passé! If you own an online halloween costume shop, “No dreary stuff!” should be your mantra for Halloween 2017. “So what do I do?” you might ask.

Let’s add some magic to your product catalogue. Let’s make it spooky! Allow your customers to personalize Halloween goodies and create custom halloween costumes. It’s time to let them sprinkle their own version of spookiness. Would that be innovative enough? Here’s how you can go about it:




Brush Your Ideas is an HTML5 based Magento Product Designer Tool. It is a fully equipped solution to build a web-…

Why a Web-To-Print Software is Must for Online T-Shirts Selling?

Online apparel selling and especially t-shirts is a tough job. It is mandatory to remain appealing to the youth. It is more than just to provide the Game of Thrones and the Big Bang Theory tees. And, you must ensure there is always something fresh available in your catalogue.
Not all buyers prefer “the liners”, “the tacky ones”, or “the abstract”. Well, that’s the challenge faced by all the online sellers, the diversity of the demand. You can certainly look for suppliers with wide range of catalogue. But, can you continue depending on that, alone?
There’s a simple thought here. Why not let your buyers design what they want? T-shirt Design SoftwareThe ecommerce traffic for this festive season has surged over 75% in comparison to that of the last year. So, if you are noticing increase in your traffic less than than in your overall site traffic, your marketing efforts are only yielding below the line results. You require something more substantive. The answer for that is the addition of Web…